New Spanish Fork Powder Coating Facility

Have you heard the news? Smith Powder Coating is the new Spanish Fork powder coating facility. We service all of Spanish Fork, Salem, Springville, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to serving Utah County! For questions and inquiries please call (385) 602-2059.

Why Choose Smith Powder Coating in Spanish Fork?

Although this is a new facility, we have years of experience in the powder coating industry. Our team uses a three-step powder coating process that includes: sandblast, prime, and powder coat. Each order is fulfilled in a timely manner at a price that is right for you!

High-Grade Powder Coat

Working with high-quality products, including durable powder coat, ensures that the metal finish will be tough against rust and corrosion. You can learn more here.

Valuable Customer Service

Gaining a relation with our customers is very important to us. We strive to provide an unbeatable service that will keep our customers coming back.

Organized System

Our powder coating system is systematic and organized. The metal product is inspected carefully during each step in the powder coating process.

When dropping of your product we will provide an estimated pick up date and time. Quick turnaround times are our goal for every customer.

New Spanish Fork Powder Coating Facility Provide Best Process

Why switch to Smith Powder Coating for all your sandblasting and powder coating needs? First and foremost, our company does not cut corners. What does this mean for our customers? Their metal products will have the toughest finish against rust, chips, and scratches.

Strong Coating

After the product has been powder coated, it is then placed in an oven at 400 degrees. The heat melts the powder into every square inch of the surface. Once cooled, the metal surface will be smooth and extremely durable.

Lustrous Color

One of the many powder coating benefits is the brilliant colors available. The color will look beautiful and bright on all metal projects and remain that way for years to come. Excess sun exposure, rain, and snow will not cause the color to fade.

Rust Resistant

Worried about your outdoor metal project (such as a park bench or sign) succumbing to rust and corrosion? With our three-step powder coating process, your product will be scratch, chip, and scuff resistant. This keeps the bare metal from being exposed to moisture.

Stop By Our New Spanish Fork Powder Coating Facility

Call (385) 602-2059 or visit us today in Spanish Fork, UT! Walk-ins are always welcome!