Sandblasting is applied before the product is powder coated. This ensures that the metal product will holdup for years to come.

Sandblasting Service

SSPC SP5 NACE No. 1 is our standard for sandblasting to a white metal finish. This blasting method cleans the metal of all old paint, grease spots, old paint, mill scale, rust, and other impurities. Additionally, the abrasive particles create a profile which helps the primer bond to the metal.

Without sandblasting, powder coat would peel of the metal surface. Sandblasting is the most important powder coating step.

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Sandblasting To A “White Finish”

When sandblasting, we use the term sandblasting to a “white metal finish.” When metal is fully blasted, it will be left a light grey or white color.

Why do you need your metal product to be sandblasted to a white metal finish? This provides two benefits:

  1. Sandblasting removes all foreign matter from the metal surface that prepares it for powder coating.
  2. The blast also adds a profile and roughness to establish better adhesion to the coating. (Similar to sandpaper on wood)

Powder Coating Process Steps


Before the metal product can be powder coated, it must first be sandblasted. Metal blasting cleans rust, old paint, and grease spots from the metal surface. Additionally, the abrasive particles create a profile which helps the primer bond to the metal.

Priming Columns

Epoxy Prime

Next, epoxy primer is applied to the metal and cured. The primer is specially formulated to be 1/10th the size of the powder coat topcoat. This allows the primer to melt deep into the profiled metal surface and create a strong mechanical bond.

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Powder Coating

Last, powder coat is applied to the metal through an electrostatic spray gun. It is once again cured at 400 degrees. Powder coat is designed to hold up against everyday wear and tear, UV rays, scratches, chips, rust, corrosion, and sulfate.

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Not all sandblasting processes are created equally. At Smith Powder Coating, we strive to bring the highest-quality sandblasting and powder coating process. In turn, this ensures that your metal products will last for years and years behind

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