Powder Coated Aluminum Planks

Picnic tables, bleachers, and bleacher benches get scuffed and roughed up. Therefore, it only makes sense to get your aluminum planks powder coated. Powder coating the aluminum planks will protect against rust, corrosion, and bad weather. Don’t leave it up to spray or liquid paint to do the job because those won’t stand up against what powder coating can.

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Powder Coated Aluminum Planks Process

Powder coat your aluminum planks to reach the highest quality that will last for years and years. To learn more about our powder coating process click here.


By sandblasting the metal to a white finish, all the old paint and rust will be completely removed. This is a crucial step in properly preparing the metal for prime and powder coat.


Epoxy primer is another essential part of the powder coating process. The primer acts as another protection layer against scratches and dents. When scratches or dents do appear, the primer does not allow them to spread to the rest of the metal.

Powder Coat

A powder coat color of your choice is applied to the metal after all previous steps have been followed with exactness. The planks are then wheeled into a 400 degree oven to bake. Baking the powder coat onto the planks creates a hardened and smooth finish that is twice the thickness of liquid paint.

Powder Coated Table Green Aluminum Planks

Drop Your Aluminum Planks For Powder Coating

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