Powder Coated Aluminum Rims

You spent a lot of money on those aluminum rims right? Now is the time to protect that investment from Utah’s chaotic weather, road salt, eventual rust, and corrosion. So before putting them on, let’s protect that pristine new rim shine or add some color to those older more worn rims to make them pop once again! Powder coated aluminum rims are the answer.

Bring us your aluminum rims today! Walk in’s are welcome. Call us at (385) 200-1260 or come by.

Powder Coated Aluminum Rims Process:

  1. Smith Powder Coating will sandblast your new or old worn tire rims. This cleans any impurities including: old paint, chips, rust, and dirt. Sandblasting also gives the rims a profiled surface that will help the primer adhere.

  3. Next your aluminum rims will be sprayed throughly with our high quality epoxy primer. This epoxy primer will the melt into the our 400 degree oven.

  5. Finally, your rims will be sprayed with your newly selected powder coating colors which when melted atop the epoxy primer creates an actual form fItting layer that incases the rims in it’s own protective shell.

Benefits Of Powder Coating

So let the weather at it. Our powder coating process can withstand it. Any metal item exposed to the outdoor elements must be protected. Bring those aluminum rims in today!

Our Guarantee

Any item that goes through our three-step powder coating process is expected to stay rust resistant year after year. The vibrant finish will also keep its brightness, even with prolonged outdoor exposure. We stand behind our powder coating process. At Smith Powder Coating, we personally guarantee a scratch, flake, and rust resistant surface on your powder coated items for 5 years.