Powder Coated Bench Swings

Is it time for that old metal bench swing in the back yard to get a powder coated makeover? Has the wind, rain, hail, and snow rusted that once cherished swing? Smith Powder Coating can revitalizing that old rusted swing into vibrant, colorful powder coated bench swings.

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Benches are first primed to add a layer of protection between the bare metal and outdoor elements. The powder coated bench swings will not last without being epoxy primed.


Powder Coating The Metal Swing Bench


Powder Coating Bench Swing Process:

  1. First Smith Powder Coating will sandblast the metal swing. This process will clean the metal of all former paint, rust, and any remaining residue. In completing this step the metal of your swing will achieve greater adherence to the primer and paint layers.

  3. Next, your bench swing will be sprayed thoroughly with our high quality epoxy primer and cured to adhere into the metal. Priming your swing bench is essential to keeping the Utah weather elements from damaging any type of outside furniture.

  5. Finally, your powder coated swing bench will be sprayed with your new, selected powder coating color. The bench will once again be cured to melt the powder into the metal. This powder coated layer incases the bench and acts like a protective shell.

Our Powder Coated Bench Swings Guarantee

Powder coated swings are expected to stay rust resistant year after year. The vibrant finish will also keep its brightness, even with prolonged outdoor exposure. We stand behind our powder coating process.

At Smith Powder Coating, we personally guarantee a scratch, flake, and rust resistant surface on your powder coated swing for 5 years.

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