Powder Coated Benches

Do your residential or commercial benches need to be refinished? Whether in a public or a private setting, our powder coated benches get noticed because of their excellent quality. So, stop by Smith Powder Coating today to have that same excellent quality applied to your benches. Make your benches look as good as new, no matter their age.

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Three-Stage Powder Coated Benches Process

There are many benefits of powder coating your metal business signs.

Step 1:

The first stage is sandblasting. The benches are sandblasted to a white finish to remove all impurities from the metal. These impurities can range from old paint, to rust, or old grease and oil spots.

Step 2:

Next is primer. The benches are coated in an epoxy primer and baked in our 400 degree oven. The primer creates a stronger bond between the powder coat and metal. It also helps scratches or rust from spreading to the rest of the bench, ruining it.

Step 3:

Finally, powder coat. We have an excellent selection of color choices for powder coat. Powder coat is twice the thickness of liquid paint, so it provides lasting resistance to rust and corrosion. After baking in the oven, the benches hang while they cool down and the powder coat hardens and creates a smooth finish.

Powder Coated Benches Maintenance

Smith Powder Coating benches are easy to clean and maintain with a little bit of soap and water. Powder coating provides durability, reliability, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and much more. Powder coating creates a smooth, thick, luster and shine that can’t be found with liquid paint. We strive to provide the best quality to our customers. We can also create customized benches that can be powder coated. For more information click the button below.

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