Powder Coated Bike Racks

Is your city park, school, or business front in need of powder coated bike racks? Bike racks are a great way to implement a healthy, active lifestyle and our powder coating process ensures that they will last. Choose from a variety of powder coating shades to match your commercial area and expect quick turnaround times on all orders.

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Why Powder Coat?

Economically Friendly

First of all, powder coating is an eco friendly process for both us and the environment. Powder coat does not contain VOC’s that can hurt the environment and our own health. Second, excess powder is collected and reused on future projects.

Durable Finish

Due to the durable nature of powder coat, it is resistant to chips and scratches. This creates an impermeable barrier between moisture and the bare metal, preventing rust and corrosion from oxidizing on the bicycle rack.

Bright Color

Rain, snow, hail, and sun will not dampen the powder coat’s color. The weatherproof finish is designed to stay vibrant year after year, no matter the environmental conditions. This will help the bike racks staying looking clean and new.

Powder Coated
Bike Rack Process

Smith Powder Coating uses a tried and true three-step powder coating process.  

1. Sandblast

The metal bike racks are sandblasted to a “white finish.” This removes all impurities from the metal and creates a profile on the surface. Similar to sand paper, the profile helps the primer cling to the metal surface.

2. Prime

Epoxy primer is applied to the metal bike racks and baked. The primer melts deep into the metal and prepares the bike rack to be powder coated.

3. Powder Coat

Lastly, an electrostatic spray gun is used to coat the powder across the bike rack. It is again placed in the oven and baked at 400 degrees. This curing melts the powder into a smooth, durable finish.

Powder Coat In
Spanish Fork, UT

Visit Smith Powder Coating, in Spanish Fork, to get started on your project. Our team powder coats bicycle racks, benches, trash receptacles, and more.