Powder Coated Business Signs

Your metal business signs need to stay looking sharp and professional. There is no better way to ensure this than by powder coating. Our powder coated business signs will be protected from outdoor exposure, provide excellent color, and other benefits. Come and see us today in our Spanish Fork location.

Benefits Of Powder Coated Business Signs

There are many benefits of powder coating your metal business signs.

Protective Layer

Powder coating adds a protective layer to your business sign to help it resist rust and corrosion. Harsh weather can destroy a unique and beautiful sign. Oxidation will make any sign look unprofessional and old.Don’t let weather get in the way of your venture.

Vibrant Color

Color starts to fade with using regular liquid paint. However, with powder coating, your color will be much longer lasting. Any color will stay just as vibrant as the day it was applied. Not only will the color stay vibrant, but it won’t get chalky like other paints.


With running a business you don’t have time to always repaint a new business sign. With powder coating there is little to no maintenance. All it needs to freshen it up every once in a while is soap and water to wipe it clean. This saves you time and money.

Step 1.

To get started on your powder coated business sign, it will first be sandblasted. This is the cleaning process the metal must go through to be ready for the powder coating. The sandblasting removes all impurities in the metal, then leaves a profile for the primer and powder coat to adhere to. To learn more about sandblasting, click here.

Step 2.

The next step in getting your business sign powder coated properly is applying the primer coat. The primer helps protect against scratches spreading to other areas of the sign leaving to rust more easily. The primer also helps the powder coat layer to stay looking fresh all the time.

Step 3.

The last and final step is to apply the powder coat. The chemical bonds in the powder paint bakes onto the metal surface to create a hard, binding finish. This helps it longer lasting paint finish that is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Choose Smith Powder Coating For Your Business

Not all powder coaters are the same, nor do they all go through the same effort we do to ensure that your metal project is of the highest quality. Here at Smith Powder Coating, we have done our research and have lots of experience with powder coating. Make sure to give us a call at (385)200-1260 about what other projects of yours can be powder coated.