Powder Coated Candy Dispenser Parts

Gum ball machines are tricky to keep looking nice and clean. With powder coated candy dispenser parts your machine won’t chip, peel, or scratch. This option is much safer than liquid paint and will last much longer. Keep your vibrant red looking red for years to come!

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Image from Envato but demonstrating a gumball machine by Smith Powder Coating

Our Three Step Process

Sandblasting to a white metal finish with Smith Powder Coating


We first sandblast the surface to create a white metal finish. We shoot a mixture of pressurized sand and air over the entire product. This cleans the metal and removes any old paint or rust.

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Next, we coat the entire surface in a thin epoxy primer. This step is crucial for any outdoor products. We then place it in a 400 degree oven. This curing process helps the primer bond deep into the metal.

Powder Coated Services For Pavilion Columns

Powder Coat

Finally, we coat the metal in a powder coat with an electrostatic spray gun. This can be done in any color or texture you desire. We again place it in the oven to cure. Our durable powder will hold up against the sun, rain, and snow.

Gum ball machine powder coated by Smith Powder Coating

Benefits to Powder Coating

There are many benefits to powder coating. First, it is a much safer option compared to liquid paint. It doesn’t contain any VOC’s which are harmful to the environment. It is also very simple to maintain. With just a wet rag, you can remove any dirt or dust in seconds. Most importantly, powder coating creates a strong, smooth finish that won’t rust, chip, or scratch.

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Not all powder coaters are the same, and many don’t go through the precise steps and details like we do. At Smith Powder Coating, it is our mission to create the highest quality effort. Call us today at (385)-200-1260 for any of your powder coating projects or questions!