Powder Coated Exhaust Manifolds

Are you wanting to elevate the look of your vehicle? Powder coated exhaust manifolds give your truck or car engine an updated look. It also protects the manifolds from rust. At Smith Powder Coating we offer a wide variety of colors, shades, and textures. The strong finish is resistant to chips and scratching and will stay looking vibrant.

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Powder Coated Truck Manifolds By Smith Powder Coating
Red Powder Coated Manifold

Powder Coated Manifolds Process:

We powder coat your exhaust manifolds in three crucial steps.

Sandblasting Manifolds At Smith Powder Coating

Step 1:

First, the exhaust manifolds are sandblasted. We shoot a pressurized mixture of sand and air over the entire surface of the manifold. We bring it down to a white metal finish. This removes any impurities like rust, grease, oil, and old paint.

Primer At Smith Powder Coating

Step 2:

After the first step, the metal has a profiled surface. This allow our next step, primer, to bond deep into the metals surface. We then cure the product in a 400 degree oven. To ensure longevity in extreme heat and cold, primer becomes a crucial step.

Exhaust Manifolds Powder Coated By Smith Powder Coating

Step 3:

Finally, we powder the exhaust manifolds. This can be done in an color or shade you desire. At Smith Powder coating, we offer a wide variety of colors here. Once it’s fully coated we place them in a final curing process in the oven.



Smith Powder Coating Exhaust Manifolds

Powder Coated Manifolds Benefits

1. Eco-friendly: By powder coating your exhaust manifolds you are choosing a more environmentally friendly method. Unlike liquid pain, powder coating does not contain any VOC’s that are harmful.

2. Long-lasting: Our three step process ensures that your exhaust manifolds will last for years to come. They are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and corroding.

3. Color choices: Smith Powder Coating offers a wide variety of colors and shades for your manifolds. You can find the perfect color to match your engine style

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