Powder Coated Fire Pits

When creating your dream backyard, a cozy fire becomes a top priority. With powder coated fire pits from Smith Powder Coating, you can enjoy a pristine fire pit for years to come. Our coatings keep your metal fire pit resistant to scratches, chips, and corrosion even in harsh weather conditions of sun, rain, and snow. Make your fire pit last as long as the memories you create around it!

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Steel Powder Coated Fire Pits

Powder Coated Fire Pits Process:

Your outdoor fire pits are powder coated in three crucial steps.

Smith Powder Coating Sandblasting Fire Pits

Step 1:

First, the fire pits are sandblasted to a white finish to remove all impurities from the metal. These impurities can range from old paint, to rust, or old grease and oil spots. Sandblasting also creates a rough texture for the powder coat to securely attach to the metal.

Epoxy primer sprayed on by Smith Powder Coating

Step 2:

Next, we prime the metal with a thin epoxy coat. We then melt the primer in a 400 degree oven. Doing this, bonds the epoxy to the metal surface. Primer helps add another layer of protection for your fire pit against rust and corrosion.

Hanging fire pit powder coated by Smith Powder Coating

Step 3:

Finally, we powder coat the fire pit to any color or shade you desire. We place it again into a 400 degree oven. After the powder coat melts into the metal, it then hangs on cooling racks while the fresh powder coat hardens.



Outdoor fire pit by Smith Powder Coating

Powder Coated Fire Pits Benefits

1. Eco-friendly: By powder coating your fire pits you are choosing a more environmentally friendly method. Unlike liquid pain, powder coating does not contain any VOC’s that can harm the environment.

2. Long-lasting: Our three step process reduces fading, scratching, peeling, and most importantly corrosion to your outdoor fire pit. This insures your fire pit will last years to come!

3. Color choices: Smith Powder Coating offers a wide variety of colors and shades for your fire pit. You can find the perfect color to match your backyard aesthetic.

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