Powder Coated Food Truck

Whether you’re a food truck enthusiast, a culinary adventurer, or a mobile cuisine connoisseur, our powder-coated food trucks boast a resilient finish that ensures no scratches or chips. Crafted to withstand the extreme sun, persistent rain, or thick snowfall, our powder-coated food trucks stand as the ultimate solution for transporting your culinary delights. Visit us in Spanish Fork today to discover other large metal products that we can powder coat!

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Smith Powder Coated Food Truck

Benefits of Powder Food Truck

Strong Finish

Our three step powder coating process helps increase the longevity of your product. Powder coating creates a seal against moisture and heat that helps your food truck resist chips, scratches, and corrosion.


Unlike other liquid paints, powder coating does not contain any harmful chemicals. It also has a smaller carbon footprint because we reuse any leftover powder that did not originially adhere to the metal.

Long Lasting

At Smith Powder Coating, we offer many different colors and textures. Powder coating makes your food truck color vibrant and brilliant day after day. You can view the colors here.

Three Step Powder Coating Process

Food Truck In BK-08

After you drop off your food truck, we first sandblast the metal. This removes any impurities like old paint, grease spots, and rust. We are left with a fresh white metal finish. Next, we prime the surface with a thin epoxy coat. Primer is crucial for any outdoor products like food trucks. We then place it in a 400 degree oven where the primer bonds into the metal. Finally we apply the powder coat in your color choice and place it again in the oven. After it has cooled, a smooth finish remains and ready for use. 

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Inside A Powder Coated Food Truck