Powder Coated Jeep Roll Cages

Is your Jeep roll cage looking raggedy? Bring the roll cage to Smith Powder Coating to get a new look and become more durable. Powder coated Jeep roll cages are more resistant to harsh weather conditions, rust, corrosion, and less prone to sun fade.

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Powder Coated Jeep Roll Cages Process

Roll cages are designed to keep drivers and their passengers safe while having loads of fun off roading. So, why not look good while your having fun with a powder coated Jeep roll cage?


Sandblasting to a white finish removes all old paint, rust spots, and grease spots is imperative to the cleaning process. The very small particles of sand are blasted at an extremely high pressure onto the metal to properly clean it. Missing this step would mean that the prime and powder coat would not adhere to the roll cage, and therefore, flake and not last as long.


Next, an epoxy primer is applied to the roller cage. The primer is 1/10th the size of powder coat and seeps deep into the metal profile. The cage is placed in a special oven at 400 degrees to cure the epoxy primer.

Please note: outdoor products including Jeep roll cages, site furniture, and hand railing, will not last without primer.

Powder Coating

Lastly, durable polyester powder is sprayed evenly through an electrostatic spray gun. The roll cage will once again be cured at 400 degrees. This melts the powder into the metal. Once cooled, the Jeep roll cage will be resistant to chips, scratches, rust, and other impurities.

You can view all of our powder coating color options here.

Smith Powder Coating is part of the Powder Coating Institute.

Start Your Powder Coating Project

Wondering how to get started with the powder coating project? You can either call us at (385) 200-1260 or stop by our facility in Spanish Fork, UT. The Jeep roll cage will be measured and you will be given a price quote. We will also include an estimated date of completion.

At Smith Powder Coating, we strive to provide quick turnaround times on all projects.