Powder Coated Lockers

Metal storage lockers are tricky to keep looking nice and clean. Powder coated lockers won’t chip, scratch or peel over the years. At Smith Powder Coating, our advanced equipments and methods keep your products from rusting and corroding. It’s also a much safer method compared to liquid paints and lasts much longer!

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Powder Coated Lockers In Sassy Pink

Our Three Step Powder Coating Process

Sandblasting For Smith Powder Coating

1. Sandblasting

First, we sandblast the lockers. This removes any impurities and creates a profiled surface. We blast down to a “white metal finish”; meaning we remove all dirt, grease, and rust from the lockers.

Priming For Smith Powder Coating

2. Priming

Next, we prime the surface of your lockers. Other powder coating companies often look over this step. But we at Smith Powder Coating recognize the importance of this epoxy coat for all outdoor products.

Powder Coat In Sassy Pink Process

3. Powder Coating

Finally, we powder coat the lockers. Powder coating always a smooth, strong finish while also resisting extreme weather conditions. Also it’s available in many different colors, shades and textures. Click here to view your options.

Lockers At Smith Powder Coating

Powder Coated Locker Benefits

Powder coating offers many different benefits for your metal products.

1. Greener: powder coating doesn’t contain any VOC’s or any chemicals that can be harmful to the envoirnment.

2. Long-lasting: this strong finish is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is resistant to chipping, peeling, and scratching.

3. Maitenence: it’s also very simple to maintain. With just a wet rag, you can remove any dirt or dust in seconds.

Why Choose Smith Powder Coating?

At Smith Powder Coating, we hold high standards of how to treat not only our customers but also their products. We are proud members of the powder coating institution, which keeps all our codes up to date. Call today to get started! (385)-200-1260