Powder Coated Metal Gates

Whether it is a private aluminum pool side gate or a solid steel driveway gate Smith Powder Coating has you covered. Smith Powder Coating specializes in powder coated metal gates.

Time to drop off your aluminum or steel gate for powder coating? Call us now at (385) 200-1260 or visit us today in Spanish Fork!

Types Of Gates We Powder Coat:

  • Driveway Gates
  • Door Gates
  • Portable Gates
  • Estate Gates
  • Pool-Side Gates
  • Garden & Pedestrian Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Entry Gates
  • Security Gates
  • Urban or Rural Gates
  • Industrial Security or Barrier Gates

The Difference Between Paint & Powder Coating

Paint just doesn’t cover it! It’s thin and doesn’t adhere to the the steel for long. Subsequent peeling, chipping, and scratches will require more maintenance, touch ups and refinishing. At Smith Powder Coating, we have a three step process.


Sandblasting is the first step in the powder coating process at Smith Powder Coating

Step 1:

We begin with sandblasting the aluminum or steel. By cleaning the metal of all former paint, rust, residue oils & impurities, this task prepares the metal to adhere to the epoxy primer that is added in the next step.

Primer is the second step in the powder coating process

Step 2:

Next, a high quality epoxy primer is sprayed throughly to the metal and then cured at 400 degrees to melt and form a protective skin surrounding the metal. This step helps any outdoor products last much longer.

Powder coating is the final step at Smith Powder Coating

Step 3:

Finally, the polyester color powder coat is then electrostatically sprayed atop the epoxy primer and then again cured at 400 degrees which melts into the primer to create a second protective layer against rust & corrosive damage.

Other Benefits Of Powder Coated Metal Gates

  • Tough & Thick Protection
  • Longevity
  • Color Retention
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flake & Rust Resistant
  • Doesn’t Fade or Get Chalky
  • Multiple Texture & Color Options
  • Greater Performance / Protection
  • Excellent Protection for Urban or Rural Areas

Why Choose Smith Powder Coating

At Smith Powder Coating, we provide quick turnaround times on all projects. We only provide the best powder coating service that will keep the metal gates looking new for years to come.