Powder Coated Multicolored Benches

Discover the craftsmanship of our powder coated multicolored benches—an innovative solution to add vibrancy into your outdoor spaces.  Adding multiple colors to a single bench is a rareity that most companies don’t offer. At Smith Powder Coating, we are your premier destination, providing a wide spectrum of captivating colors. Visit us today to start creating your own multicolored projects!

Powder Coated Multi-Color Benches

Multicolored Bench Step-By-Step Process

Taped Powder Coated Multicolor Benches
  1. We sandblasted the bench down to a white metal finish, removing any impurities from the metal.
  2. Next, we sprayed an epoxy primer coat to the entire surface.
  3. Then, we applied a vibrant Bengal Blue powder coat to the flag stripe, followed by a curing in the oven.
  1. We meticulously taped over the blue stripe and applied a glossy black powder coat to the remainder of the flag.
  2. After the black had cured, we again taped over the entire flag and powder coated the rest of the bench in a Cobalt Blue.
Close Shot Powder Coated Multicolor Benches
Finished Powder Coated Multicolor Benches
  1. Finally, we cured the bench one last time in a 400 degree oven.
  2. Once cooled, the bench is completed and ready to be shipped directly to you.

Benefits of Powder Coating


Our strong finish means your bench can withstand sun, rain, and snow. It also has a tight seal against moisture, meaning it won’t rust or corrode.

Color Options

We offer a wide variety of color, shades, and textures. It stays looking bright and vibrant for years and years to come! Take a look here.


Unlike liquid paint, powder coating doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s a much safer and stronger alternative!

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