Powder Coated Park Benches

Interested in what can be powder coated? Powder coated park benches will keep their lustrous color for years to come. We offer a large selection of powder coating colors to enhance the look of city parks and other commercial properties. (You can view our color options here)

For powder coating inquiries, give us a call at (385) 200-1260 or email smithpowdercoating@gmail.com.

Powder Coated Park Bench Process

To get started, drop off your park benches at Smith Powder Coating. The benches will first be sandblasted to a white finish. This process helps remove any imperfections from the bench including: rust spots, old paint, and oil.

Next, the park bench is coated with an epoxy primer. This primer sinks deep into the metal and helps ready the metal to be powder coated.

Lastly, the powder coat is applied via an electrostatic spray gun. Once the powder has been evenly distributed, the bench is cured at 400 degrees. After the bench has cooled, the smooth finish will be resistant to chips and scratches.

After the benches are powder coated, you will be notified to pick up. Our team tries to do each order in a timely manner.

Powder Coating Benefits

Why powder coat the park benches instead of using an alternative paint option? Powder coating is the number one way to provide weatherproof protection on the metal product. Here is a look at some of the top powder coating benefits:

Eco-Friendly Process

Powder coating is an economically friendly process. The powder coat doesn’t release any solvents that could harm the environment.

Tough Coating

Powder coated park benches are smooth to the touch and resistant to chips and scratches. The finishing layer is also impermeable to water.

Color Options

Smith Powder Coating provides a variety of colors to choose from. Each color is designed with high-quality powder that will protect the metal.