Cabana Park sign by Smith Powder Coating in cobalt blue color

Powder Coated Park Signs

Are you interested in what we can powder coat? Smith Powder coating offers a large range, including park signs. Powder coated park signs are a great way to update your local park. The strong powder coat finish stays looking new and vibrant. At Smith Powder Coating we have a wide variety of fun colors to make any play area lively!

Our Three Step Process

Sandblasting is the first step in the powder coating process. This removes any impurities from the surface. The next step is then to prime the sign with an epoxy coat. The final step is to powder coat the sign in any color you choose. We then bake the sign in a 400 degree over to properally bond deep into the metal surface. 

Powder coating in cobalt blue at Smith Powder Coating

Benefits of Powder Coating

Strong Finish

Powder coated park signs have a strong finish with our trusted three step process. They are resistant to chips, scratches, and corrosion, even in sun, rain, and snow. They’ll maintain their smooth surface for years to come.


Compared to liquid paint, powder coating is a cleaner and greener option. It has no VOC’s or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. We also reuse the extra powder that does not adhere to the signs for future projects, therefore, creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Color Options

At Smith Powder Coating, we make color variation and texture a top priority.  We want our customers to find the perfect color to match any of their needs. Plus, these colors will stay lustrous over the years. Check out what colors we offer by clicking here.

Close shot of powder coating a park sign at Smith Powder Coating
At Smith Powder Coating we are members of the nation wide Powder Coating Institution. This ensures we are keeping our standards up to date and certified in the process.

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