Powder Coated Pavilion Columns

When choosing a pavilion, it is important to know that not all pavilion manufacturers offer quality products. You want a shelter that will last through years of rain, snow, wind, and other weather elements without succumbing to the exposure. Powder coated pavilion columns is one way to keep the steel protected from rust and corrosion.

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Why Powder Coat Pavilion Columns?

Powder coating is the only way to ensure that the pavilion columns will last for years to come. At Smith Powder Coating, we protect the durability of the pavilion columns through a three-step powder coating process.

  1. First, the steel columns are sandblasted to remove old paint, rust, and other impurities. Sandblasting also creates a profile, similar to sanding, that will help the primer adhere to the metal.
  2. Next, epoxy primer is applied to the the steel columns. This creates a glue type finish between the bare metal and powder coat. It also provides an extra layer of protection from the outdoor elements.
  3. Lastly, durable powder coat is sprayed evenly onto the steel columns. The columns are then placed into an oven at 400 degrees. This process melts the powder deep into the columns. Once cooled, the metal will be smooth to the touch and resistant to chips and scratches.

Benefits Of Powder Coating

Powder coated pavilion columns will have a 30+ year life expectancy. Below are just a few benefits of powder coating:

Nature-friendly Process

Powder coat is a very nature-friendly process. The powder does not contain harmful VOC’s that can hurt the environment. Overspray is also collected and used on future projects.

Strong Finish

Powder coat provides a strong finish that shields the columns from chips, scuffs, and scratches. The durable nature of powder coat also protects against corrosion and rust.

Color Choices

Choose from a variety of color options for the columns. At Smith Powder Coating, we are sure to have the perfect color for your pavilion shelter. You can view our colors here.