Powder Coated Railings

When it comes to railing, you don’t want to trust just any powder coating facility to do the job. We are proud to provide high-quality finishes that are perfect for interior and exterior railing. Come stop by our Spanish Fork, Utah location to see our powder coating color options.

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Powder Coated Railings Process


Bring your railings into Smith Powder Coating. The first step in our three-step process is sandblasting the metal to a white finish. This removes all impurities from the metal to create a stronger bond between the metal surface and powder coat.


After sandblasting the metal, it then goes into the booth to have an epoxy primer applied to it. This primer helps any scratches or dents from spreading to the rest of the railing. It also acts as another protection layer against rust and corrosion.

Powder Coating

Finally, the railings are powder coated and baked at 400 degrees in the oven. The powder coat color of your choice is sprayed on to the railings at an even layer to create the highest quality product by our highly trained powder coaters.

Environmentally Sound

  • Powder coating is a clean and environmentally friendly process unlike liquid paint. We do not use harmful chemicals during our powder coat process.

Long-Lasting Finish

  • Powder coat is double the thickness of liquid paint, with only one layer applied. It doesn’t take applying multiple coats to create a strong durable finish. By powder coating your railings, they will be resistant to all harsh weather conditions such as: sun rays, hail, rain, snow, etc.

Vibrant Color

  • The powder coat color of your choice stays looking just as vibrant as the day that it was applied and baked on. The color doesn’t become sun faded like liquid paint. Your railings will stay looking fantastic all year round.

As the newest powder coaters in Spanish Fork, we welcome you. Come see us at our location to see what can be powder coated. Smith Powder Coating brings reliability, experience, and great customer service to you. For questions, give us a call at (385) 200-1260.