Powder Coated Roller Bowlers

Carnival Games Anyone? At Smith Powder Coating, we had the opportunity to complete a set of powder coated roller bowlers for a national customer. Roller Bowler is a favorite carnival activity throughout the country. The purpose of the game is to have an individual try to push a bowling ball over one hill of steel rods without having the ball roll back down the same hill. It usually takes a few tries before each contestant figures out how hard to push.

Why Choose Powder Coated Roller Bowlers?

Powder coating is an exceptional choice for this product. It is not a paint, but a polyester powder. If the Roller Bowler metal rods were just painted the metal rods would quickly and easily chip or scratch down to the metal itself. This customer came to us to protect his investment. Due to our three-step powder coating process, their investment will retain it’s bright color year after year.




Our Powder Coating Process

Below are the steps that happened after dropping off the roller bowlers at our facility.


First, we sand blast each piece, cleaning the metal of all impurities. This process also prepares the metal to adhere to the epoxy primer that is added in the next step.


A high quality epoxy primer is sprayed evenly onto the metal roller bowlers. When baked in our 400 degree industrialized oven, the primer thoroughly encases the metal, form fitting to the exposed metal.

Powder Coat

After the primer dries we carefully spray the polyester powder over the primed metal. Our gorgeous, vibrant colors
which will attract the eye and shine in the bright lights. This polyester powder coat is again baked at 400 degrees atop of the primer and creates and smooth durable finish. No matter how many time the bowling balls roll over the surface, the roller bowlers will be protected.

Everyone’s a winner with powder coating protection!

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