Powder Coated
Spiral Staircases

Keep your spiral staircase looking stunning and beautiful with a vibrant powder coat color. Not only does it look gorgeous, but the powder coated spiral staircases last much longer. They are more resistant to rust, scratches, and dings. Our Smith Powder Coating facility in Spanish Fork, Utah welcomes all walk-ins.

Powder Coated Spiral Metal Staircases



Powder Coated Spiral Staircases Process

To begin your powdering coating project, drop your spiral staircase off at our shop. Choose your color and we estimate a date of completion for you to come pick it up. The process consists of three steps: sandblasting, primer, and powder coat.
*Walk-ins welcome!

Sand is blasted from a gun onto the metal to create a white finish. This means that all of the metals impurities, such as old paint, rust, and other impurities have been completely removed from the metal surface.

Next, the epoxy primer is applied to the sandblasted metal surface. This helps prevent any scratches or dings spreading to the rest of the staircase to cause rust.

Lastly, the powder coat color of your choice is sprayed on to the spiral staircase. It is then baked to create the strong long-lasting bond between the metal and powder coat that creates a durable finish.

Powder Coated Finish

Powder coating creates a strong durable finish that will make your spiral staircase last forever. Whether it is outside or inside, the powder coat protects against it all. Also, powder coating is a greener process. No harmful chemicals are used in this process, unlike using liquid paints. Not only does the powder coating help the spiral staircase to last longer, but the color will stay looking as vibrant the day that it was applied.

Matte Black Powder Coated Staircases

Come See Us At Our Spanish Fork Location

Our Smith Powder Coating facility is in a simple location that welcomes all walk-ins. We are off main street across from the fairgrounds. Come stop by and and drop off your next project, or give us a call at (385) 200-1260 if you have any questions.