Powder Coated Street Signs

Do you own decorative or neighborhood street signs? Powder coated street signs maintain a new appearance thanks to their protective layer. Powder coating helps guard against harsh weather conditions and sun fading. It’s more durable than liquid paint and won’t chip or peel over time. Visit us in Spanish Fork today for a quote!

Powder Coated Metal Street Signs

Benefits Of Powder Coating


Our strong finish means your sign can withstand sun, rain, and snow. It also has a tight seal against moisture, meaning it won’t rust or corrode.


Unlike liquid paint, powder coating doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. We also reuse any leftover powder that doesn’t adhere to the product.

Vibrant Color

We offer a wide variety of color, shades, and textures. It stays looking bright and vibrant for years and years to come! Take a look here.

Process Of Powder Coated Street Signs

Powder Coating Street Sign Process

Each product undergoes our three step powder coating process

1. Sandblast: This removes any impurites from the metal signs, like old paint, grease, and rust. Sandblasting also creates a profiled surface making the powder coat bond to the metal.

2. Prime: We apply a thin coat of epoxy primer to the signs. This step is crucial for any outdoor products longevity.

3. Powder Coat: Finally, we add a powder coat finish in a color of your choice to the sign. After we cure it in the oven, your signs are ready for use.

Choose Smith Powder Coating

Not all powder coaters are the same, nor do they all go through the same effort we do to ensure that your metal project is of the highest quality. Here at Smith Powder Coating, we are proud members of the Powder Coating Institution, making sure our standards are up to code.  Give us a call at (385)200-1260 about what other projects of yours can be powder coated.