Powder Coated Trash Receptacles

Are you wanting trash receptacles that will stay looking new year after year? At Smith Powder Coating, it is our mission to create powder coated trash receptacles that will be resistant to chips, scratches, and other weathering issues. Call today at (385) 200-1260 to get started on your powder coating project.

Powder Coated Trash Receptacles Process

To start the powder coating process, first drop off your trash receptacles at Smith Powder Coating. Walk-ins are always welcome. The process is three steps which includes: sandblast, prime, and powder coat.

Sandblasting abrasively blows fine material across the metal surface. This removes old paint, oil spots, rust, and other impurities from the trash receptacle. Similar to sandpaper, sandblasting also creates a profile which helps the primer better adhere to the metal.

Next, epoxy primer is applied to the metal trash receptacles. This helps create a metal bond between the metal and primer. Without primer, the trash receptacles will not holdup against outdoor exposure.

Lastly, durable powder coat is spray evenly across the receptacles. It is then placed in a special oven at 400 degrees. This melts the powder deep into the metal; resulting in a smooth, tough finish.

Powder Coating Benefits

Why choose powder coat as the finishing option for outdoor trash receptacles? While other paints and sprays will weather overtime, powder coat is designed to last. Below are just a few benefits of powder coating. Click here to learn more.

Greener Process

Powder coat doesn’t contain harmful solvents, unlike liquid paints. This helps reduce our carbon footprint and protects the atmosphere. Any spray that isn’t used on the trash receptacle is collected for future projects.

Smooth Finish

Once the powder coat is cured, it creates a smooth, durable finish. This coating is resistant to chips, scratches, rust and corrosion. The flat, even finish also allows for easy cleaning of the powder coated trash receptacles.

Vibrant Color

Powder coat’s color is designed to stay bold and bright. Even after years of weather exposure, the powder coat will not fade or leave a chalky residue. For added convenience, we also offer a variety of color options.

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