Powder Coated Truck Racks

Truck racks are easily scuffed and peel paint because of the tools and equipment that are put on them. With powder coated truck racks, the equipment and tools will no longer shorten their lifespan. Bring your racks on in and we will quote you and give you a completion date. Call (385) 200-1260 to get started, or if you have any questions.

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Powder Coating Truck Racks Smith Powder Coating

Benefits of Powder Coated Truck Racks

Green Clean

Powder coating is a much cleaner process than using liquid paint because there are less chemicals and solvents used. Also, any powder coat spray that wasn’t used on the truck racks can be stored and used on other projects or truck racks. This helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Solid Finish

Through our three step process of sandblasting, primer, and powder coating your truck racks with last forever. Powder coated racks are more durable and have a smooth finish to stay looking sleek and professional. The coating is also resistant to chips, scratches, and chips.


The color that you choose for your truck racks will stay looking as vibrant as the day that it was applied. Since the racks are primed and the powder coat is baked on, it creates a strong chemical bond that makes the color last much longer than normal liquid paint. You can view the colors here.

Three Step Powder Coating Process

To get started on powder coating your truck rack project, we sandblast the metal. This removes all impurities such as, old paint, rust, and oil spots. The metal is sandblasted to a white finish. From the sandblaster, it goes to be primed. An epoxy primer is sprayed onto the sandblasted metal to create a strong bond between the metal surface and powder coat layer. Lastly, the powder coat color is applied and baked on to.

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