Powder Coaters In Spanish Fork

As the newest powder coaters in Spanish Fork, we welcome you. Come see us at our location to see what can be powder coated. Smith Powder Coating brings reliability, experience, and great customer service to you. For questions, give us a call at (385) 200-1260.

We follow our processes strictly to give objects the best hope of resistance against rust and corrosion. With the applied powder coat, any scratches will be unable to spread to other areas of the powder coated object. The primer and powder coat stops scratches and other wears stop from spreading. You can learn more here.

Powder Coaters In Spanish Fork Finishing Process

What We Do

Bring your items that can be powder coated to us. We will sandblast them, which removes all impurities. Next, we will apply a primer, which creates an abrasive surface for the powder coat to adhere to. Then, the powder coat layer will be applied. Every time a new layer is applied to the object we bake it, so that the layer stays more permanently. Then the powder coated object is ready to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Getting Started

The process is simple, which means you don’t have to worry. We are timely, customer focused, and quality focused. We want this project to turn out just how you want it. Come see us at our Spanish Fork location on Main Street across from the fairgrounds, or give us a call at (385)200-1260.

  • Call ahead or stop by our office about your powder coating project. You let us know what it is that we are powder coating, you pick your color(s), and then into the shop it goes. We’ll plan with you the timing of the project, so you are informed of when to pick it up when it’s finished.

  • We promise to provide the best quality powder coating service on the market. Smith Powder Coating values honesty, hard work, and excellent customer service. To view our quality promise click here.