Utah Powder Coating

Let your metal surface look even more beautiful and last longer by utilizing Utah powder coating’s services. Smith Powder Coating is part of the Powder Coating Institution and here to help your metal project last longer than other painted metal surfaces through our tried and true process. Learn more about it by clicking on the button below or reading further.

The Purpose of Utah
Powder Coating

Not only does powder coating create a durable metal surface look beautiful and shiny, but it also acts as a protection layer. Because of the bond between the ingredients that makeup the powder coat and the baking of the layer, it forms a longer lasting and more durable metal surface than what liquid paint could do. Rain, snow, hail, sun fade, rust, or corrosion are just a few things that the powder coating is resistant to. Additionally, all vibrant colors stay vibrant.

The Purpose Of Utah Powder Coating

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Utah Powder Coating Stronger and Better

Powder coating is safer and stronger than liquid paint. Liquid paint contains chemicals that can be unhealthy for the environment and humans. Plus, it can chip and is not resistant to harsh conditions. Unlike liquid paint, Utah powder coating can be recycled so that there is no waste from a spray on a metal surface. You can view our color options here.

Powder Coated Products

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables get all kinds of scratches and dings in them from parties, but with powder coating those scratches will not spread to other areas of the metal because of primer coating under the powder coat.


Benches sit out in the harsh weather all day and all night every day. Powder coating is a double paint layer that creates a durable bench that can withstand any harsh weather condition.

Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs used for businesses, estates, or addresses need to stay in pristine looking shape, which is why powder coating is the best option for getting that perfect look to last longer.

Trash Receptacles

Trash receptacles are exposed to lots of moisture from the garbage it holds. It also gets knocked around from being emptied. Powder coating helps the trash receptacle stay durable during those rough times.

Pavilion Columns

The powder coated layer on the columns will protect against harsh wind that may kick up small rocks. It will prevent chips or scratches turning into rust or spread across the column more.

Bench Swings

Bench swings are meant to stay looking nice and comfortable. Powder coating gives the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful product.

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Not all powder coating companies are created equal. Some powder coating companies cut corners when going through the process to save costs, but we are here to provide quality to every customer the same way every time. Smith Powder Coating in Utah services all of Utah county and surrounding areas.

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