Where to Powder Coat Metal Gates?

Are your metal gates becoming worn or rusty? Don’t let the sun or snow diminish their appeal. Smith Powder Coating is the ultimate solution to transforming and protecting your metal gates! Bring your gates to our Spanish Fork location today!

Powder coated metal gates in the snow
Powder coat metal gates in our large ovens

Why Choose Smith Powder Coating?

We have some of the largest ovens in the county; so we are able to coat your large gates!  Our technicians have years of experience and understand the importance of our three step powder coating process.

Our Three Step Process

Sandblasting is the first step in the powder coating process at Smith Powder Coating

Step 1:

First, we sandblast the gate to create a white metal finish. Sandblasting removes all impurities like rust, paint, and dirt. It also makes a profiled surface for the primer and powder coat to adhere.

Primer is the second step at Smith Powder Coating

Step 2:

Next, we coat the entire surface in a thin epoxy primer. This step is crucial for any outdoor products, like gates. We then place the gates in 400 degree ovens for the primer to bond.

Powder coating is the final step at Smith Powder Coating

Step 3:

Finally, we powder coat the metal gates. This can be done in any color or texture you desire. View our colors here. We then place the gates in the oven once more to bond the powder deep into the metal surface.

Contact Us

We are happy and ready to powder coat your gates here at Smith Powder Coating! Contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We look forward to hearing from our Utah county residents! Call (385)-200-1260 or visit 280 W 500 S Spanish Fork, UT 84660